Our Guidance for your Safety

Following Government guidelines here’s what to expect when you visit us at the THE REEL PIZZA CO. We have endeavoured to minimise the disruption to your visit but we are equally determined to protect you, our staff and our local community.

The number of people allowed both in the restaurant will be restricted. On arriving at the main entrance you will be met by a member of staff who will welcome you, confirm your booking details and take you to your table.

There is a one-way system in operation in the restaurant which is well sign posted and our staff will explain our policy in more detail. There are hand sanitiser points located at various locations throughout the restaurant and we encourage you to use them frequently.

Once settled, your designated waiting staff will provide you with our disposable menus or if you prefer you can scan our QR (Quick Response) symbol on your device. This links to our online menu. When ready, our waiting staff will take your food and drinks order. There is a full table service in operation. Customers can no longer drink at the bar. We encourage both our customers and staff to keep to the social distance rules at all times. Of course we welcome families but children must be supervised at all times (including when visiting the toilet). In the interests of everyone’s safety we will not tolerate children being allowed to wander through the building.

Table bookings must adhere to Government guidelines. We therefore have a set capacity for the safety of our staff and customers so please do not allow other people to join your table unless having booked or with prior agreement with the staff. Do not move the furniture.

We ask that if you feel unwell at any point while on our premises including a high temperature (hot to the touch of your chest or back) and a persistent cough you alert us immediately.

When serving your food, our staff have been trained and advised to follow Government guidance. We will minimise contact. Cutlery and condiments will be served at the same time as your meals.

We hope you enjoy your meal and we will present your bill at the table. Payment will also be taken at the table. Our Preferred method of payment is a card payment - paid by one person. We cannot split bills at our till owing to the current situation. Cash will also be accepted when settling your bill.

When you are ready to leave, a member of staff will escort you safetly to the exit.

There are many changes now in place. However, our delicious food, wines and friendly service still remains the same!

THE REEL PIZZA CO. Helston, Cornwall